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Your Member number and Password are necessary in order to reach the Members pages of the website.

WARNING: Please make sure that you are using your OFFICIAL CHAÎNE MEMBER NUMBER, not the member number that your Bailliage might also use. Please refer EXCLUSIVELY to your official Member Card and make sure you use the 5 digits to the RIGHT of the full number.

This is especially important if you are setting your password for the first time. If you do not recognize the information you obtain after logging in, PLEASE contact the Siège Mondial immediately to correct the situation: [email protected].

STEP 1: please specify your member number. Once this is checked, we will require you to confirm your email address in order to proceed. If you do not have at least one email address recorded with the headquarters of la Chaine des Rotisseurs, please ask your Bailli Délégué for assistance in rectifying this situation.

In order to set-up/create your password and enter the Members Area

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